Online Corporate Reputation Management Secrets

Online Corporate Reputation Management – Intro

At the organizational level one negative review costs business 30 customers per month per negative review per channel. This becomes quite costly for brands with a large, established user base and long term cost $9.5 billion in lost revenue in 2011 alone. Trust is a critical part of the market economy and  technology is speeding up the urgency for a complete end-to-end software solution. The impact of a damaged reputation online surfaces in the inability to hire quality employees and so much more.

 Brand reputation is the value in the minds of customers and stakeholders  – Online corporate reputation management is a scientific process  for influencing the perception people have about a company.

What is Corporate Reputation Management?

Corporate reputation management is the process of understanding and influencing an individual or business’s online reputation. The origin of corporate reputation management comes from Public Relations  (PR) but, the online world advanced past the public relations industry in 3 years. Using our host of marketing services business can improve their brand reach and increase market share just by utilizing their company name.

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