Is Your Marketing Environment Paradise?

Marketing Environment

The marketing environment refers to factors that build successful relationships with consumers. There are 3-levels of the marketing environment- The first is internal or micro environment. The second is macro-environment and the third is meso-environments. Competition represents only one force of the environment. After examining each marketing channel break out the task environment and the much broader environment ( demographic environment,economic,natural, technological, political and social-cultural environment.

marketing enviroment

The marketing mix is a set of tools that firms use to pursue their marketing objectives. It can be broken down into the 4-P’s of marketing:

  1. Product
  2. Price
  3. Place
  4. Promotion

It’s critical to remember that marketing is only one factor in attracting and keeping customers. The second factor is delivering superior-customer value. Customers buy from firms “they perceive” offer the highest total customer delivered value. Customer delivered value is the difference between total customer value and total customer cost.


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