Brand Monitoring Software

tools to attract visitors

tools to convert leads

Project Management

Streamline your online marketing initiatives with an automated project management system.

Business Intelligence

Get up-to-the-minute (near instant) competitor insights on website traffic, social and much more.

lead management

Segment leads based on your marketing campaigns and craft individual sales funnels for each.

tools to close customers


Increase your email ROI with SMS campaigns combined with email.

marketing analytics

Use marketing automation to trigger timed follow up campaigns to your leads.

analytics Dashboards

See which traffic sources are generating the most leads, plus other insights.

why marketing analytics software is better

How most marketing tools work:

completely separate tools

The majority of online marketing tools are completely separate from each other and so many marketers are forced to use an SEO tool over here, a social media dashboard there and a lead managment tool elsewhere.

inconsistent marketing material

Creating consistent collateral using separate tools is difficult and leads to inconsistent marketing campaigns which in turn increases overhead and decreases your ROI.

siloed analytics

Every marketing tool has its own analytics, its own reports, and its own format. Trying to combine analytics into a single view takes a tedious amount of manual work.

static content

Most content tools are static and show the same page to every single visitor. The problem is: visitors are not static. They access your content from a multitude of different devices.

How BrandGuard Software works:

all-in-one toolset

BrandGuard's suite of tools promote synergy by working together to put all your data in one place, letting you focus on your marketing content and performance, not on putting them together.

consistency built-in

BrandGuard focuses on creating interoperable solutions with custom software that works harmoniously with each application giving you a natural fit with all your work.

unified web + email analytics

BrandGuard's integrated analytics combines data from all our tools – all in one place. Now you can analyze and compare across all channels simultaneously.

personalized adaptive content

BrandGuard puts the customer at the center of your digital marketing. It enables marketers to develop custom content based on their demographic data custom analytics.

apps & training

Integrate with your CRM

Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite CRM and many others can be easily connected to BrandGuard.

Increase productivity

Track all of your tasks, hire a blogger, track your revenue and customer acquisition through paid search and much more.

Connect with other systems

Use your Facebook page to capture leads, import your Gmail contacts into BrandGuard and even connect your shopping cart to BrandGuard.

amazing training & support

Consultative sales process

We are happy to demonstrate exactly how BrandGuard Software can improve your marketing whenever you need it.

Unlimited technical support

We'll help you get set up, configure your software for your specific needs and provide resources to keep your marketing engine up and running.

World-class consulting

Our engineering consultants will personally help set up lead nurturing campaigns, strengthen your marketing message and much more for free.